Self-Defence Training at FightClub


Fightclub offers its students some of the most exciting and innovative self-defence training in Toronto. Our self-defence training is hands-on, with an emphasis upon fluidity and precision lacking in most other martial arts. We teach students how to control their emotions, keep moving, and practice an economy of action when threatened. The best self-defence training shows its students how to protect themselves under any circumstances. That is what Toronto Fightclub aims to do.
Self-Defence Training
In any given self-defence training session, Toronto Fightclub shows its students how to work in enclosed spaces, how to deal with multiple attackers, with knives, strikes, grabs, kicks, and sticks; sometimes all at once! But don’t let that concern you too much.

Our instructors seek to create a learning environment, not a competitive or dangerous one.

We may throw you to the lions in our self-defence training, so to speak, but we do not do so carelessly. Each training session follows a subtle progression, leading from simple warm-up movements to complex sparring.

We want our students to feel comfortable in their self-defence training environment, even as we push them to their limits. Toronto is a nice place to live, with relatively few dangers. Yet it can be dangerous. Toronto Fightclub self-defence training will prepare you for whatever comes your way.


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