Self-Defence Weapons


The best self-defence weapon is a calm mind. When asked about the subject, most people will say that they know all about how to defend themselves. They say that they will punch their attacker in the face or kick them in the groin. However, when it comes time to initiate those time-honoured self-defence weapons, fear and uncertainly often overtake them. Surrounded on the streets of Toronto, they no longer know what to do.
Self-Defence Weapons
Toronto Fightclub teaches you how to use your natural self-defence weaponry even under the most adverse conditions. We want our students to come away from our classes mentally prepared to do anything.

At Toronto Fightclub you will learn how to employ your natural self-defence weapons against multiple opponents, armed or otherwise.

Working in a hands-on environment against resisting opponents, we will show you how to cultivate and maintain the greatest self-defence weapon on all.

Training in our club will teach you to see through the chaos of movement and to act with a clear, confident mind when attacked. The true enemy of self-defence is fear and uncertainty. Toronto Fightclub wants to help you face those enemies head on. Our goal is to produce physically fit, confident men and women capable of handling any self-defence problem encountered on the streets of Toronto.


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