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The concept of speed is such an interesting topic. In order for you to go as fast, you must let yourself go! Trying to be fast is not the same. Real speed comes from letting yourself go.

An Example – If I tell you to run down the street as fast as you can – you will go and do this. If I as you again and now have my Big dog chase you while you do this – you will go much faster. 

The first time you ran down the street you thought about it. The second time you thought of my dog’s teeth in your butt! 

Here is a little clip from training last week where Emmanuel demonstrates and explains a little bit about how he approaches this topic.

Speed is a complex process that is controlled by the brain and nervous system. In order for you to move quickly, the muscles have to contract more quickly, but the brain and nervous systems have to learn to control these faster movements efficiently. If you maintain some form of speed training throughout the year, your muscles and nervous system do not lose the feel of moving fast and the brain will not have to re-learn the proper control patterns at a later date when training in Self Defense. As always control, speed, and power are interconnected but try your best to focus on speed and allow the body to deal with the rest.

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