Self Defense Training for Women


Women need to make self-protection a greater priority. Having the delusion that it can’t happen to you or that it’s something that only happens to other people is the kind of attitude predators depend on. The more informed you are the better prepared you will be in the event you are targeted by a predator. By empowering yourself with knowledge, your fear will not escalate, it will diminish. Self Defense Training for Women

Facing the possibility of being the target of a violent crime is frightening, but there’s no need for women to live a paranoid-filled life. Although you can’t control every situation, you can make smarter decisions, like avoiding unnecessary risks. Learn to trust your intuition and how to defend yourself.

Experience martial arts training in a whole new light. Emmanuel Manolakakis from FightClub will be teaching a fundraising workshop on Saturday, February 16th from 1-3pm. All money raised will be going to the “Canadian Women’s Foundation”. You will learn practical skills that spill over into your regular life in all kinds of productive ways. Come out and support this great event and learn a skill that if ever needed, could prevent you or a loved one from harm.

Topics that will be covered;

Mentally Prepare Yourself

Preparing for a violent attack is no different than preparing for any other emergency and denial can cost you your life. By mentally preparing yourself, you will be less likely to become frozen by fear and unable to defend yourself if the “unthinkable” were to happen.

Have a Plan

A black belt in martial arts isn’t required for you to defend yourself against an attacker.

Follow Your Intuition

The best weapon you have is your sixth sense. Although every animal is born with survival instincts, humans also have the ability to add judgment and everyday experience to our base intuition.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

Don’t talk on your phone or listen to your iPod when you’re alone in a public place. Pay attention to what’s going on around you.

Don’t Look Like a Victim

Predators go through a victim selection process. They are most likely to go for a woman with a ponytail, braid or long hair that can easily be grabbed. They also look for clothing that will be easy to remove quickly, like short skirts or anything with straps that can be cut.

Be Car Smart

Predators target parking lots and cars to plan their attacks. Have your keys in your hand before you leave the building.

Know Your Strengths & His Weakness

Your elbow is the strongest point on your body. If you get close enough, use it. If you end up on the ground, use your legs to kick free from your attacker. Go for his four weakest points: eyes, throat, groin, and knees.

You Have the Right to Fight

Don’t be afraid to fight if you feel threatened in any way.

Be Safe at Home

We all want to feel safe when we are at home. By being vigilant about preventing a violent crime from happening, your home will continue to be your safe haven.

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