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Seminars are a Vital Learning Opportunities

January 29, 2020


Hey FC Crew,

Just returned from a great weekend seminar I taught in North Carolina. So much deep learning and growth. It makes me think about how important seminars are to a student overall understanding.

A rough break down of the learning curriculum would look something like this … Training regularly throughout the week is important and represents about 50% of your learning opportunity. Home(work) practice on your own represents about 25% and seminar participation represents about 25%.

What are the benefits you ask?

Concentrated Material, 

Enriched Learning

Focused Topics

Extended Training Time 



FightClub 2020 Winter Seminars

FightClub ‘Working with Weight’

February 8th from 1—4:30 pm – Cost $100

FightClub ‘Working with Speed’

March 14th 1—430pm – Cost $100


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