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Be perfect, each and every time!

July 13, 2017

Archery is a sport where the objective is to be perfect, each and every time. You are your own opponent here, and if you have a perfect round, you’ll beat anyone who isn’t perfect–Olympian or not.

-Improve your cardiovascular fitness in order to lower your heart rate. You can play breathing tricks as well to work with your heart rate. Military snipers take three deep breaths in rapid succession, then let out the third breath slowly halfway. I haven’t seen a single Olympic archer do that this year, but I’m sure they’re controlling their breathing as they aim and shoot.

-Strengthen (the stamina of) your core, back, and arm muscles to maintain fine motor control throughout the length of a full round. Holding a bow at full draw long enough to shoot an arrow is easy for anyone–if you’re only shooting a couple of ends. Stamina matters.

-Develop machine-like consistency in your form so that shooting becomes second nature. Form requires another discussion of its own.

-Finally, maintain control of your emotions–shoot like a robot, always following the routine whether or not your last arrow was a zero or an X.

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