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Knowing how to use your body weight to its fullest can provide an advantage in any sport. Whether you are playing golf or studying martial arts, by learning how to use your body weight appropriately you can have a huge advantage.
Systema Martial Arts Training Tips
For most people the heaviest part of their bodies is their torso/hip area. Not surprisingly, most people move these areas very slowly when fighting,if at all.

In your training and excerise routine, you should make sure to practice moving the heaviest parts of your body as much as you practice moving your hands and feet.

Although training these parts is not traditional, just be persistent – you will grow in ways you never thought.

When sparring with your partners try applying this principle – use the heaviest parts of your body on your opponents smallest parts.

For example, sit on your opponents wrist, lie across the neck, roll on the ankles, step on the fingers/toes or place your chest across the elbow.

By working in this fashion you will use less energy and your moves will be less predictable, giving you a decided edge.

Obviously it’s best to have someone to practice with, but visualization is also a valuable tool. Try to visualize the technique you want to develop in every small detail. How do you shift your weight? How do you stop your opponent from moving, or how do you encourage them to move? Which muscles do you use? Where, exactly, are you making contact with your opponent at every stage of the technique?

Watch instructional videos. In lieu of having a regular instructor you CAN learn from watching videos, especially if you can occasionally try out the techniques on somebody’s body. A lot of top instructors have helped a lot of people with a lot of material.

Watch footage of competition. This will familiarize you with a great number of strategies and techniques. Be analytical and watch good matches more than once to see what is going on.

When teaching people who are not as good as you, don’t hold back on the instruction. You want to improve the level of your training partners so that they challenge you – this way everybody gets better.

When sparring beginners allow them to start with you pinned or nearly submitted – work your escapes!

For cardio conditioning the minimum that you need is a pair of running shoes. Running was good enough for Mohammed Ali, so it should be good enough for you. You can also use treadmills, stairmasters, elliptical trainers, etc.

When you stretch, do not bounce (ballistic stretching); this can harm the ligaments, tendons and muscles. It is much better to perform a holding stretch (static stretch) for about a count of 4 to 8 then releasing.

Pace yourself. Work hard, but when your body tells you to slow down, listen to it. It is perhaps most important to listen to your body.

The most beneficial breathing during exercise is deep breaths inhaled through the nose. Breathing through your nose filters and warms the air along with increasing the moisture content.

It is best not to eat anything at least three or four hours prior to a workout. When you eat, oxygenated blood is needed for digestion and is not available to your exercising body.

Drink plenty of water before and after your workout, to replace the water lost through perspiration. This rule is especially important during hot, humid months. Remember water helps to cool the body.


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