Systema Training – Embark on a Journey to Improve Your Health

I spent so much time working on myself both internally and externally even as I’ve turned 50! When I train its not uncommon that people literally stopping and asking me questions on what I was doing. I explained and gave them advice and guidance to explore Systema principles and health practices. The overall impressions from strangers is very positive.

I know many of you may have friends that are working out at home or at local gyms. Talk to them to come and give FightClub a try. Most of them are tired of the same old training routines they are doing. They are stuck in the cycle that is giving them limited returns. As most of you know I can change this for them.

Everyday people embark on a journey to improve their health, but too often these people are unable to accomplish what they set out to do.  But Why? Lack of coaching guidance, no clear training goals, and an outdated approach to physical training are just some of the reasons many are set up to fail before they even begin.

At FightClub we take care of all this…you will get healthy, set goals, and learn how to protect yourself, and have fun. I can guarantee it!

If you have a friend that you think would benefit from what I do bring them along. Help them also find the benefits of Systema training at FightClub.


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toronto systema training