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March 17, 2020


Hey FC Students

As most of you know FightClub is closed and we won’t have training for an undetermined amount of time. I will keep you all posted as the situation with Coronavirus plays out over the next several weeks.


As most of you know I do quite a bit of training and teaching on social media – please ensure you are following along to my teachings and lessons via Instagram, Facebook, Youtube and my PodCast. I try to keep the content unique on each platform so follow along to them all. I’ve included the links below -make sure you subscribe, like and comment. These are tough times but they are not all the times. When all is said and done – what you ‘have’ will really be ‘yours’. Make your Systema training stronger from a personal commitment level. Train at home, be a positive force and live for better days to come.






“Keep training, Stay Safe and Be Strong we will all get

through this and laugh about it one day” ~ emmanuel

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