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Tactics and Strategies

February 14, 2017

Hey FC Crew,

Students often ask me about different ‘tactics & strategy’s’ so I though I would write a little about it. 

There are many tactics and strategies but seeing as we have no specific situation to refer to, I will mention the more general ones.

The main focus should always be on survival and safety. Whatever tactics or ‘set of maneuvers’ you use, the end result must limit or never compromise your survival or safety to achieve an end.

Keep moving – Given the option, people would choose to strike a still target as compared to a moving one. A moving target is more elusive and requires more skill and confidence. This is one easy and effective way of passively protecting yourself.

Keep good posture -This position will allow you great visibility, portrays confidence and keeps the body free to respond appropriately from all directions.

Remain calm – On the outside, even smile. It’s hard for people to be aggressive towards someone who is smiling. On the inside be serious and ready for anything, this is where it counts!

Conceal your skills – By doing what the situation calls for; not what you want to do.This will frustrate your opponent, limit the level of emotion involved and not turn a bad situation worse.

Offensive applications should be efficient and safe for yourself. For example a properly placed low line kick can be just as effective as a high kick and drastically safer. Excessive reaching or stretching will leave you vulnerable. Keep the body alignment and structure together.

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