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March 12, 2019

Hey FC Archers,

When ‘aiming’ take note of what your eye is focusing on. The target? Your arrow tip or pin scope? Try to teach your eye to stay focused on one thing throughout the shot – The Target!

The eye has a tendency to change what it focuses on through the course of the shot. This can confuse our brain and subconscious. The result is no clear message sent to our shooting muscles, which can turn into what is commonly called, “TARGET PANIC”!

After you lift the bow to the target and draw to anchor take a second to settle into your ‘full draw’, look at the target (no need to shoot yet). Just simply look at the target and let the string slowly slip from your fingers. Don’t try time the shoot or predict when to let it go. The beautiful thing about archery is that it is so simple, but not easy. Enjoy the process and you will learn a lot.

See you this Friday and I will explain more about ‘Target Panic’


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FC Archery News


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