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The Enemy of Improvement

September 14, 2017

Hey FC Parents and Archers,

There is a famous Japanese proverb that says, “After winning the battle, tighten your helmet.” In other words, the battle does not end when you win. The battle only ends when you get lazy, when you lose your sense of commitment, and when you stop paying attention. This is zanshin as well: the act of living with alertness regardless of whether the goal has already been achieved.

We can carry this philosophy into many areas of life…

“The battle does not end when you publish a book. It ends when
you consider yourself a finished product, when you lose the
vigilance needed to continue improving your craft”

The enemy of improvement is neither failure nor success. The enemy of improvement is boredom, fatigue, and lack of concentration. The enemy of improvement is a lack of commitment to the process because the process is everything. This lesson is one repeated over and over every time students come to practice at FightClub on Fridays. Archery training is such a gift to all that practice it.

See you on the range!


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