The Greater Good

I make art (Martial Art) for a few reasons – The Greater Good.

In life, we experience so much fragmentation of thought and feeling. For me, creating art brings things back together.

In my own work, that is true throughout the process. At the beginning, developing the basic raw materials for the work is deeply reflective and informative. Later, bringing those materials together into a form—distilling and shaping movement, creating a context, working to something that feels cohesive and complete. That’s incredibly powerful for me—something that really keeps me going.

Interestingly, the body of my work is like a catalog of the events and thoughts of my life. For me, ‘making work’ (training) is almost like keeping a journal. Giving that to someone else—as a kind of gift through my classes—is the most meaningful aspect of my work.

Martial Arts is a powerful art form – If you love it; then you should be happy. Emmanuel

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