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The Still Point

September 22, 2020


I help all my students find ways of quieting their minds. There are many ways of calming the body, quieting the mind, and settling the nervous system. This state of mind is called “The Still Point”, a place of inner quiet and peace. Great champions train to find this place, which raises awareness, makes movement effortless, and confidence robust. Kids need to be taught how to get to this place. It is difficult, but as a teacher, I’m up to the challenge. 

COVID-19 is here and will be for some time, this I cannot control. But parents and teachers alike must find ways of giving kids positive energy, relaxed intensity, and the courage to thrust onward through these challenging times.

Here is a little tip to help kids (and parents too) find their ‘Still Point’

1. Breath Slowly In and Out – Image the breath going to all parts of the body

2. Repeat the process 10+ times – You should feel yourself relaxing with each breath

3. Visualize images of success and say positive words of affirmation

It sounds simple, and it is … Have the kids try this before and after school this week!

In this week’s youth classes I will be focusing on helping all the kids ‘feel and find’ their Still Point. See you on the mats …




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