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The True Meaning of FightClub

March 29, 2020


Hey FC Crew,

I hope you are making the most of the quiet time, family time and personal training time. Isolation can be challenging without a doubt and maybe now some of you can better understand the internal aspects I’ve been talking about.  At the end of all of this, a whole lot of people are going to need Systema’s training to recover themselves. So please like, share and comment.

Have a look and listen to the latest stuff I’ve put out there …

Moving on the ground with a partner trying to put the fundamentals of movement, breathing, creativity and connecting into practice. Not trying to accomplish anything other than exploration and movement … For now 🙂

Watch Groundwork Systema Training Tips (Part 2)

Ever wonder why I called my club – FightClub? Here is a video podcast I did with Stu on “The Conversation with Stu” where I explained how I came to the decision.

Listen and Watch the video Podcast – The True Meaning of FightClub 


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