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Time to Reclaim your Flexibility 

October 24, 2018


Are you stiff from sitting all day? Struggling to get up off the couch? Time to reclaim your flexibility!  

Flexibility training at FightClub focuses on increasing your range of motion. Therefore dynamic stretches are favoured over traditional static ones. This is not to say static ones are not good, just limiting. The goal is to build functional flexibility. A stretch is not held but is kept in motion from one position to the next. As you begin to stretch in a single direction and reach the end of your flexibility, simply change the angle and start another movement in a different direction. Stretching the body in this fashion allows you to see and feel what range your body has with movement and stretches the little ‘hidden’ muscles in the body. With a little dedication and training your stiffness will be gone and an easy of movement replace – Systema training at FightClub has so much to offer, it truly is a fountain of youth.


Come and see for yourself … New Members are Welcome 


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