Archery Lessons

To join the FC Archery Program you must first complete 2 – 60 minute – Introductory lessons, which cover the fundamentals of archery and safety. After successfully completing the FC Archery Club Safety Test you are free to participate in the program.

Archery lessons proceed at the participants level of skill. An instructor is always present while the range is open.


There are 10 basic archery steps:

1: Stance
2: Nocking the Arrow
3: Set
4: Set-up
5: Draw and Load
6: Anchor
7: Transfer and Hold
8: Aim and Expand
9: Release
10: Follow-Through

In archery, we call this the Shot Cycle and you need to learn how to turn the basic archery steps into a winning sequence.


Master these ten basic steps first!

You can not approach archery and be effective if you shoot in a series of static steps. Training at FightClub reinforces and teaches you how to properly execute the entire archery shot cycle. Practice sessions focus on put all the steps together into a fluid Shot-Cycle.

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