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Toronto Martial Arts Training

FightClub is a place of awaking, not a hall of competition. The four walls that surround its training space are used to cultivate abilities and nurture skills that we can use in today's society. Our approach to learning and self defense is both dynamic and refreshing.

Classes teach the importance of protecting yourself and loved ones. The school is structured to provide life-long self defense skills and teach the value of staying safe. Our approach educates and gives you knowledge that is practical in your everyday life, going beyond the principles of traditions and techniques in SYSTEMA [Russian Martial Arts].

Stuck in an elevator with someone going berserk - no problem. Minding your own business in a crowded bar when a couple of hooligans jump you - no problem.

Martial Arts Training

We don't train for competition. There is no belt system. We don't rehearse choreographed dances that could some how save your neck in a sticky situation. The drills we utilize are tried, true and tested. The technique is modern and applicable to every scenario possible.

Top reason to train at FightClub:

  1. Exciting training environment.
  2. To learn how to protecting yourself & family.
  3. To connect with your strengths and fears.
  4. To learn a really cool martial art system (SYSTEMA).
  5. Community involvement and commitment.

At FightClub you develop the skill set necessary to protect yourself, friends, and loved ones. At the end of the day that's what it's all about.

What are you waiting for?
Come see for yourself!

About the Instructors

Emmanuel Manolakakis - Club Owner & Chief Instructor

Russian Martial Arts InstructorBorn and raised in Toronto, Canada, Emmanuel has over 25 years of experience in a variety of martial arts, including Karate, Olympic freestyle Wrestling and Western Boxing. Emmanuel has spent the last sixteen years focusing on SYSTEMA [A.K.A Russian Martial Art], under the tutelage of Vladimir Vasiliev and Mikhail Ryabko.

His strong coaching, motivating and teaching track record dates back to1988. Emmanuel has earned several coaching certificates, letters of appreciation and awards for his proven leadership skills.

Complimenting his martial arts studies and leadership abilities is an academic history filled with certificates, corporate diplomas and a Bachelor of Arts degree from York University in Toronto.

"As a person and as an instructor he [Emmanuel] is TOP NOTCH and I recommend that anyone who has the chance to visit his school or one of his seminars goes. It will definitely be a life changing experience."
David Strachan, US Navy Special Boat Team 20 Training Dept LCPO

"Without doubt, the fight skills that you are able to equip your students with are both incomparable, effective and a real world practical line of self defense."
Joseph Gulesserian, MBA

Assistant Certified FightClub Instructors

  • Rean Johnson
  • Jamie Lippiatt
  • Mark Fan
  • Royal Carney

For more information on assistant Certified FightClub Instructors see: Club Instructors

Try Two Classes

Martial Arts Training TorontoAll you need is to come out to any regularly scheduled class. Please come a few minutes before the class begins. NO APPOINTMENT IS REQUIRED. You will need sweatpants and a t-shirt for training, no shoes, socks are optional.

The introductory fee is $20 - it includes any two classes (each class is 1.5 hour in duration).

It is very important to try a couple of classes before starting the regular training. This is because the methods of training are very different from the traditional approach!

Once you have experienced the training, and made sure that this is what you are looking for, you can join the regular training program.

Most of our members take one-year programs, however, many other arrangements are possible. For your regular training, you are not assigned to the particular classes; you may take classes at different times and days each week. The fees are based on the average number of classes taken per week, and are very reasonable and flexible. Many people chose to take between 2 and 5 classes per week.

Please note, there are no beginners versus advanced classes. Classes are open to everyone. The training is designed in such a way that every level of skill receives extremely beneficial practice and achieves quick results. The atmosphere at the school has always been open, friendly and highly productive.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us!

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