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What experience do they need along that journey?

January 9, 2019

Hey FC Parents and Kids,

Happy New Year to you and your families. May 2019 bring you much prosperity, love, and learning. FightClub classes re-start this Monday, January 7th. Come and train; we all need to work off the holiday weight we gained!

During the holidays I usually spend a good time reflecting on the year past. You know … I’ve been helping school-age child development for a while now and I have learned a lot over the years. Here are some simple things you can do to help your child’s development:


* Build your child’s self-esteem and self-confidence by recognizing his/her strengths and positive qualities. Sometimes children’s self-esteem goes down in the primary school years as they become more self-critical and compare themselves with others.

* Teach your child that it’s OK to make mistakes: let your child see you trying new things and making mistakes. This helps her understand that learning and improving are all about making mistakes, but the key thing is to never give up.

* Give your child opportunities to explore and lean, indoors and outdoors. During class, I try to give them times to just wrestle or work with their partners. Then I observe what they do – not judge it. If your outside you could explore your local park together.

* Read with your child: reading is still very important for your child’s literacy development. As your child learns to read, try having her read to you.

* Encourage your child to be aware of the consequences of behavior and see things from other people’s points of view. You can do this by asking questions like, ‘How do you think Jake feels when you do that?’

Every day I go to FC I try to learn a little more about the children that come to my classes. I study them try to see what combination of fun, information, personalities, and learning works best for them to have experiences that they can grow from. I find parents from time to time get too interested in their kids in the present form. Think of your kids as the end product, let say at 21 years old. What experience do they need along that journey to arrive there and be good, responsible adults? Something to think about 🙂

See you at FC,


PS – January is a great time to start training. If you have any friends, family or neighbors that you think might benefit from what I do at FC please encourage them to come and try classes or just forward this email to them. What is happening at FC is very special and would like to share it as many people as I can.

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