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What is the toughest part of martial arts training? 

January 28, 2018


Hey FC Crew,

I am often asked what the toughest part of martial arts training is? Honestly, the actual training is not the hardest part at all. The hardest part of training is showing up to class day after day. In other words: Consistency. Martial Arts training brings small benefits with, each class. However, being able to do hard training with regular consistency results in real progress.

Invest Your Time   A large part of martial arts training involves spending time refining and improving your skills with consistency. With martial arts, you do not have to put in long crazy sessions all of the time. Sometimes, getting back to the basics is what can help you improve. Staying relaxed and slowing down the moves so you can concentrate on the mechanics. This is not exciting stuff, but a lot of the value lies in being engaged in each session. You must learn to embrace the process. Every martial artist has days where it is hard to get out the door for their next class. The trick for this is to build a training schedule, stay disciplined and this will develop consistency in your training.

Be Flexible   Life happens, so roll with the punches and get back on the plan. Make up the skipped classes by attending on another day. Do the work! And do not over-think. Beginner martial artists over think everything. When people over think, they lose focus on the truly important things: consistency, patience and the long-term approach to development.

In my opinion, this is the main reason why some students become great martial artists and why some people dabble in and out of martial arts schools and quit within their first 6-12 months. Just enough time for the initial excitement to wear off and the realization kicks in that you need consistency, effort and, discipline to succeed in martial arts. Wait a minute! That’s the same as in life…. Rather than overthinking, focus your energy on trusting the classes and instructors, being patient and knowing that consistency pays off. 

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