Self Defense Training For Women


FightClub provides ongoing martial arts training for women in Systema [Russian Martial Arts].

This military style of hand to hand combat is ideal for women who desire a practical martial arts skill-set that could be effectively executed if needed and does not require years of training.

Self defense cannot be learned in a seminar. Certain techniques are even more dangerous to the individual being assaulted if not executed properly. You don’t wish to escalate a situation when a better objective is possible to contain the aggression and escape. This is achieved through both physical and physiological means, which must be learned hand in hand.

The Systema program is taught through ongoing classes. You join and immediately begin learning the basics bit by bit. Strikes, grabs, throws, take-downs, breathing, kicks, elbows and so forth. Over a short time, you cover basics and can begin applying your new skills and advancing them to whatever degree you wish.


Reasons why woman train at FightClub:

  • Learn self defense techniques to protect family.
  • Acquire violence prevention strategies.
  • Entering police force, military or corrections.
  • Active interest in martial arts.
  • Physical fitness.
  • Work related IE:Bus Driver, Paramedic, Nurse.
  • Traveling to foreign countries alone.
  • Need martial arts skills for acting or stunt work.
  • It is a unique and interesting thing to do.


The Training

Women train with the men. This is the best way. The more training partners you have the better. This way you learn to deal with various heights, strengths and weights of adversaries, women attackers included.

Drills are executed alone, with partners and in groups. Ground work, defending from a wall and other scenario based training is utilized. Defense from knife attackers, gun attackers and improvised weapons are also areas of study.

Breathing work is also an intricate part of the training and students are taught the essential skills to control their breathing and in some instances actually correct negative breathing habits.

Cardio and fitness is also ingrained into the training. FightClub utilizes the “High-Intensity Interval Training” method [HIT]. Our fitness training is geared towards breathing, flexibility and strengthening tendons and ligaments as opposed to muscle building.

Women who train at FightClub experience martial arts training in a whole new light. There are no mandatory uniforms. There is no belt system. You learn practical skills that spill over into your regular life in all kinds of productive ways. It is always a great work-out and the bonus is you actually learn a skill while getting or staying in shape. A skill that if ever needed, could prevent you or a loved one from harm.

How do I join?

Try two classes first [$20.00]. Come for a workout. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. You will immediately see the benefits and how you can utilize this art to your advantage.

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401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200


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toronto systema training