Wrestling and Systema


Wrestling – (Noun)

Any of certain sports in which the contestants fight each other according to various rules governing holds and usually forbidding blows with the closed fist. The principal object is to overcome the opponent either by throwing or pinning him to the ground or by causing him to submit.


Training for most wrestlers involves lots of repetition; running, skipping, pushups, sit-ups, explosive drills and polymeric exercise. Holds, locks and submission technique are rehearsed over and over again.
Wrestling and Systema
Systema does not put lots of emphasis on wrestling technique, instead focusing on developing your natural survival instincts on the ground. A variety of strategies to combat claustrophobia (of close contact), transfer body weight and movement of the body on the ground compliment the study of ground survival. Studying on hard ground reminds us of the importance of going to the ground softly.


Ground Fighting

Wrestling matches or contests are held on smooth, even and padded floor mats. Matches are ‘one on one’ with no consideration of multiple attackers, weapons or environmental surroundings. At FIGHTCLUB ground fighting boils down survival skills, because no one I know wants to be on the ground on the street!

Unique strategies to overcome any conceivable attack from all angles and positions defeat multiple attackers and disarm weapons – all from the ground. No protective gear is used. A premium is put on movement and understanding the environment.

Learn how to fight from the ground unarmed against one, two and three opponents who try to grab, choke, kick and punch you, or stab you with knives.


See SYSTEMA Martial Arts Training to learn more about training at FightClub.

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