Youth Martial Arts Lessons – Self-Control


Self-control refers to the training that one gives one’s self to accomplish a certain task or to adopt a particular pattern of behaviour, even though one is unfocused or would rather be doing something else. For example, when your child has learned to listen to mom and dad, pay attention in class while listening to the teacher instead of talking to his friend next to him, he has demonstrated the ability to self-control… while making the good decision to do so.

At FightClub, as both parent and instructor, I work on this skill set every single day. I give the kids freedom each class to explore and be creative with Systema training, but I will walk around and reenforce self control and good decision making skills with each student. Patience is a big virtue with this one. Given the ever increasing class sizes of our public schools, it is imperative that kids develop good self control and good decision making skills. This will not happen on its own you need to teach, model and practice the behaviours to get good at it. Youth martial art lessons at FightClub incorporates this each and every class!

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