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Youth Program Update for September * Action Required *

August 10, 2020


Hey FC Kids & Parents,

The summer is almost done, cannot believe how fast it’s gone by!  I’m making plans to reopen all of FightClub’s programs for September 8th. There will be many changes, proceeds, and new guidelines that must be followed going forward (limited class size being the major one). I will be sending you out more information at the end of the month but for now, I just need to ask you a few questions to better help me organize things.

General information 

There will be four Youth Systema Classes in total, two for kids ages 4-7 and two for kids ages 8-12. Tuesday and Thursday night from 6-6:45 pm will be the older kids. Wednesday 6-6:45 pm and Saturday 10:10:45 am for the younger kids.

It’s probably best to handle memberships on a monthly bases given the uncertainty of Covid-19 during the fall/winter months.

Youth memberships are $125 per month and you can e-transfer the funds to em@fight-club.ca.

Every opportunity will be taken to adhere to social distancing and limit unnecessary contact; cleaning before and after training sessions; and limited class size (only 12 kids).

If you have any further question please let me know before August 16th. Just send an email to systema@fight-club.ca


* ACTION REQUIRED *  Responses before August 23rd to systema@fight-club.ca


Will you be attending the Youth Systema classes?

Yes or No?

What day will you be coming to shoot?

Tuesday & Thursday (older kids)? or Wednesday & Saturday (younger kids)?


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