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When Will I Begin to Fly?

July 17, 2019


Hey FC Crew,

A new student asked me last week ….


 “Emmanuel … you look like your flying when you train. When will I being to fly?”


Reflected a lot about his question last weekend and thought I would share it with all of you. 


Success isn’t about waiting around for results. It’s about having a relationship with the process that leads to the results. This fast-food culture we have doesn’t help much to strengthen patience. We want things to happen now and get frustrated when they don’t materialize quickly enough.


We forget most of the superstars we know of and celebrate were on the grind for years before they made it into the public eye. Athletes are training all year, even if the official season lasts only a few months. Even relationships aren’t created instantaneously. They take time and are built piece by piece. 



If you have high expectations coupled with low patience, be prepared to be continually disappointed. Don’t be afraid of the time that it takes to accomplish things. The time, however, spent, will pass regardless. Nature doesn’t movie our pace – we’re subject to its movements and the laws that govern it. The more we understand and respect the nature of time, the better we are to benefit from what it can offer. 


“The moment we understand and respect how gravity works is when we begin to Fly” 


See you at FightClub,


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