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Finding Mastery – Book a Massage – Give Yoga a Try

September 18, 2019


Don’t miss out on the last FightClub Seminar of the Year!

Finding Mastery (Part 2) 

Saturday, October 5th from 1-4 pm

Seminar training is an important part of your overall Systema experience. The length of time (3-4 hours) allows for deeper understanding and for learning to saturate into the mind and body. Training weekly is important – Seminars are equally important.

Email if you attending.




Train hard, but remember to recover hard. For most active people I recommend at least one good massage a month. Luckily, FightClub now has a certified massage therapist, dedicated Systema Student and FC teacher.

Book your massage today by emailing

* FC Students receive a 30% discount on one-hour massage *



Yoga is one of the activities that has many cross benefits that help us with the effects of living in a big fast-paced city. Yoga classes are offered to students and their family members) every Sunday morning starting at 10 am till 1130am. Come try it out

Being healthy is a big part of everything FightClub promotes and the Yoga class will only add another layer to your overall well being. Plus Lyndsay the yoga teacher is amazing. Many of you have trained with her in the Systema program and know how dedicated she is to Systema. I’m sure she will integrate everything 🙂

Come and try a class this Sunday!

Any questions please send an email to 

* FC Students can try classes for free in the month of September *



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