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Good Study Habits

January 14, 2020

Learning is an activity that involves solely the student and the knowledge. Everything or everyone else that may become involved in this process is essentially superfluous—and is potentially harmful as a distraction from the fundamental process.

Kids don’t need your help … What do they need you ask?

Firstly, Good Study Habits

This self—mastery usually does not happen automatically, but it can be learned by almost any student with correct study rules and a good study environment.

While the subject matter, can be mastered with or without a teacher, the student who masters it without a teacher learns something more. He/she learns to teach himself. I give free time during FightClub classes to slowly let the kids develop that self learning aspects that is so important.

So stay tuned for more tips of what to focus on next week!


PS – Parents if you have friends with kids that could benefit from what I teach at FightClub please forward this email to them. The curriculum and methodology  taught at FightClub is an invaluable tool for all kids. Let parents know! 

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