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80% Self Learning 

October 4, 2018


Hey FC Parents and Archer’s,

One of the great side benefits to archery is that is 80% self-learned. You definitely need a good coach to provide you with direction, some technical education and form corrections but after that, you just need to shoot a lot of arrows and see what happens. The more you shoot the more patterns appear and questions arise. Students learn by doing and evaluating the results. The good thing about archery is that you can see the results of an action quickly. You pull your bow back, let the arrow fly and bam – you have a result that appears crystal clear on a target face. If something went wrong its either one of two things … a problem with your bow or a problem with you the archer? Most blame the bow, but from my experience, it’s usually something the archer did wrong …LOL

When the students come to shoot on Fridays I usually give them a quick lesson about the various form and technical proficiencies and review what I’m looking for… then I step back and let them shoot and learn.

The results are very impressive and the kids are still having a lot of fun.

See you on the range Friday!


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