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A Tree Hemmed in by Giants

October 21, 2020


“A tree hemmed in by giants, Requires tenacity to survive”

As the quote suggests without the adverse conditions of being blocked by other the tree in the forest would not have to gather its strength to grow tall. The adversity, itself, enables the tree to become great, just as all adversity in our lives presents us with the opportunity to discover how great we can be. Determination, resilience, and perspective will enable you to successfully emerge from the danger by staring fear in the eyes and using it as an advantage. A crisis is one part ‘danger’ and another part ‘opportunity’. It is both danger and opportunity simultaneously. Heros and champions focus on the opportunity!

Updated Schedule of Class 


Systema Online Training 12-1 pm

Archery Youth In-Class 5-6 pm

Archery Adult In-Class 6-7 pm


Adult Outdoor Training 7-8 pm


Systema Online Training 12-1 pm

Youth Outdoor Training 6-6:45 pm


Adult Outdoor Training 7-8 pm


Archery Youth In-Class 5-6 pm

Archery Adult In-Class 6-7 pm


Youth Outdoor Training 10-10:45 am

Adult Outdoor Training 11-12 pm


* Important Note*

Outdoor classes will now be held at Dieppe park located at (Greenwood and Cosburn). (If the weather is rainy or bad message me at 416-200-0200 for other options)

How can you support FightClub?

Many of you have been asking me how to best support FightClub during these tough times. First and foremost continue your Systema training. Whether it be Online, Outdoors, or On-Demand. I’ve worked hard to make sure there is something for everyone. Here is a more detailed breakdown of all the options and ways of supporting FightClub.

  • Live On-Line Training Sessions $50/month
  • On-Demand Training Sessions $50/month (over 200 hours of content)
  • Outdoor Training Sessions $100/month
  • Private Training Session $100/hr
  • Private Group Session (2-3) $100/hr

FightClub is a ‘Special Place’ … these are common comments I have heard over my 18 years of operation. It is special because every time I taught a class I made it special by appreciating each one of you. Appreciation makes everything special and it goes both ways.

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401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200

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