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Aiming in Archery

June 7, 2018


Aiming in archery is one of the most important steps (actually they are all important) in the shot sequence.

It’s important to learn how to aim the arrow while remaining focused on your overall shooting form.


From the Transfer and Hold step begin the aiming process by looking down the shaft of the arrow and placing the point on the target.

Pause for a couple of seconds (1.5-2.5 seconds to be exact) to refocus on your overall form.

Your weight should be evenly distributed on both feet, your hips should be over your knees and feet, lower back should be flat and chest down.

Check that your grip is not tight (relax the grip fingers) and make certain your bow arm elbow is rotated.

Carefully sight up the bowstring and line it up with the center of the bow limbs.

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