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August 17, 2018


Hey FC Archers,

Only 2 spots remaining … If you have friends or family members that want to learn archery – now is the time! Forward them this email.


Introductory Archery Course at FightClub 

Date: In September (TBA)

Cost: $100 (bow and arrows are provided)

Register: Only 2 spots remaining!

Email to reserve: archery@fight-club.ca



10 Reasons why you should take up Archery

1) It’s relaxing. Archery is the perfect stress reliever. At the range, it’s just you and the target. Problems seem to float away from your mind with each arrow you release.

2) It’s a great way to make new friends and visit new places. Whether you compete or just shoot for fun at a local range, you will be surprised by how many people you get to meet in just an hour of archery.

3) It’s affordable. The misconception is that archery is an expensive sport. Not the case at all compared to most sport its quite affordable.

4) It helps you learn to focus and concentrate. As you prepare to draw your bow, there isn’t any room for you to think about anything else other than shooting. A split-second loss of focus can result in your arrow totally missing the target. In time, you learn to clear your mind and focus on your shot.

5) It teaches you patience and coordination. In archery, all parts of your body have to work together to execute the correct form and shot. Once you’ve got it down pat, all you have to do is repeat it a dozen more times. No one gets it right the first few times, and it really takes patience and a lot of practice to make your shot consistent and right every single time.

6) It helps you develop trust and confidence in yourself. Every archer knows that archery isn’t just about form or physical strength. It’s also about mental strength and toughness. Over time, an archer learns to trust his shot and be confident that it will hit the centre every single time.

7) It builds character. Just like real life, there are good and bad days at the archery range. Personally, archery has taught me to win with humility and lose with grace. When scoring during a tournament, archery, very much like golf, demands honesty every time you submit your scorecard.

8) It’s addicting. No matter how frustrating archery may be at times, it keeps you wanting to get the right form and get in the centre all the time. Once you get the great feeling of shooting bows well, you will want to keep shooting and shooting until you get tired.

9) It’s a sport for everyone. Short or tall, slim or heavy, archery is a sport for everyone. Only specific muscles are used and developed in pulling the bow. The sport is really more focused on technique, and you build strength as you continue to get better. It is the perfect sport for anyone looking to get into something new and unique, and also to get healthy, fit and just to have fun.

10) It’s satisfying to hit that bull’s-eye. It can get frustrating when you shoot and shoot and your arrows don’t find their mark. But once they do, it’s the best feeling in the world.

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