FC Archery Range Safety


1: A noked arrow is like a loaded gun.  Be as thoughtful and careful when using a bow and arrow as you would be using a gun with ammunition.

2: Never nock an arrow until the signal is given to shoot.

3: Stay behind the shooting line until the signal is given to retrieve arrows, when all archers will go at one time to retrieve.

4: Shoot only if you are equipped with an arm guard and finger tab.  The arm guard protects your forearm from the slap of the bow string.  The finger tab keeps the fingers from becoming burned and blistered.
Wear suitable clothing, free from items that are apt to catch the bow string.

5: Never release the bowstring without an arrow on it.  The shock sometimes breaks the bow or the string.

6: Be sure arrows are long enough.  Never draw an arrow past the bow handle between the string and the belly.

7: Rotate the bow arm elbow down and out to avoid hitting it with the bow string.

8: When pulling arrows from the target, have everyone cleared away from the immediate front of the target to avoid the possibility of accident as the arrows are removed.

9: Check equipment for defects:  loops of string in place in notches, arrow shaft free from splinters, bow strung properly.

10: Always fix a hanging arrow to prevent another arrow from splitting it or glancing off it.

11: Put bows down and step back from the shooting line when finished shooting.

Never step in front of the shooting line for any reason!!

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