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Are you Drawing back Properly?

February 7, 2020


Three things to keep in mind when drawing back your bow;

1] Keep your bow arm straight and pointed at the target

2] Pull the string back with your back muscles rather than mostly your arm and shoulder

3] Anchor your drawing hand to the same position on your face before every shot

The first needs little explanation. You should be making sure that your bow holding arm is kept as straight as possible, and is pointed towards the target that you are attempting to shoot.

To pull with your back muscles, think about pinching your shoulder blades together, almost as if you were trying to get them to touch. This movement is fairly unique to archery, so some training in the gym or with a flex band will help with getting the movement down. Puffing out your chest will also help with this. Your arm and shoulder will still do some work, but your back should be taking the majority of the load, as it is the largest muscle group involved in drawing the bow. Pulling with your back muscles will take some practice, but when done properly, it will help to reduce shoulder injuries and muscle fatigue, allowing you to shoot accurately for longer periods of time.

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