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Keep Your Muscles Long – Fight PodCast

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Movement muscles (mobilizers) are better activated in open chain actions. Stability muscles (stabilizers) are better activated in closed chain actions. When training this week pay specific attention to keep your muscles ‘feeling long’. Have a listen to emmanuel explain this concept in a little bit more detail in this weeks Fight PodCast episode. 


Archery Range – Bow Hand Positioning

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Good archery training class last night. I talked a bit about the importance of your front ‘Bow Hand’ positioning. Here is a good diagram that highlights what I was saying. See you on the archery range next week.

How your Bow Hand Grip Position Affects the Flight of your Arrow and Overall Archery Accuracy. 


Bow Hand Positioning is Important

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Hey FC Archers,

Good training class last night. I talked a bit about the importance of your front ‘Bow Hand’ positioning. Here is a good diagram and a short video that really highlights what I was saying.



How your bow hand-grip position affects the flight of your arrow and overall archery accuracy. Watch the video lesson



Fear the Man that Practices the Same thing 10,000 times

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Bruce Lee, the famous martial artist and actor had a great quote ….

“I don’t fear the man that has practiced 10,000 different kicks. I fear the man that has practiced the same kick 10,000 different times”

Awesome stuff.  He basically saying “muscle memory is key”.  The more often you do something, the better you know how to do it, the better you can control it, the more often you can repeat exactly what you intend to do.

Systema in much the same way keeps training principles simple. Breathe control, continuous Movement , stay Relaxed. These are practiced over and over in various ways – each time better and better.

See you at FC this week,


PS – FightClub Christmas Party is on Friday, December 6th at The Wally. Hope to see everyone there! 


Use it or Lose it! 

The year is slowly coming to and end and so are your annual benefits.

Train hard, but remember to recover hard. FightClub now has a certified massage therapist, dedicated Systema Student and FC teacher.

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Benefits of Martial Arts – Building New Habits

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We seem to understand building habits in other settings so much better than we understand how to change habits in ourselves.  There are a couple of analogies I use all the time when it comes to building and changing habits.

I’ll talk about taking a snowboarding or skiing lesson.  Living in Canada, most people seem to understand at least what those look like.  I’ll ask students if at their first ski lesson they were handed skis and taken to the top of the mountain, and pushed down a run with trees, moguls, cliffs and rocks?  Of course they weren’t.  In fact, for the first 10 minutes they spend just standing on flat ground, and probably fell over a couple of times when they were just STANDING there.

In your first driving lesson, the instructor probably didn’t take you out into rush-hour traffic.  You probably spent it in an empty parking lot, country road, or residential neighbourhood with no other cars around.  And even then, you probably spent the first 10 minutes just sitting in the car without moving.

When you were learning to play piano, the teacher didn’t pull out sheet music for Mozart and demand that you play to at the correct tempo.  You probably sat at the keys and learned their names, and learned how to just use 3 fingers to play “Mary had a little lamb”, and even then you probably made mistakes.

These are the settings we learn other skills in.  As our skills improve, the setting becomes more challenging.  We go to more challenging runs on the ski hill, into more traffic at higher speeds in the car, and play more elaborate songs on the piano.

But in martial arts we often get taught that if we aren’t practicing at ‘real’ speed then we are wasting our time. That is false. Build the habit to go slower but with lots of detail!

Slow and Control becomes Fast and Steady. As you get comfortable you will naturally speed up. A good marker to look for is ‘openness’. When you speed up your body, mind and spirit should feel open and free – these are some of the benefits of martial arts.

Form a new habit and just slow down for 30 days and see if it opens news doors into your Systema training.



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