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To balance our lives we must first accept that we are unbalanced. Therefore balancing is the act that we do over the course of our lives. Because we are creatures who have the capacity to adapt to any stimulus that we encounter, we need to have as our starting point the following crucial question:

“At this point in time, what have I adapted to that is keeping me unbalanced in my life?”

It could be sitting at a desk 8 hours a day. Now imagine that you did a handstand for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week, all of your life. You think you’d be pretty strong right? You’d also be very unbalanced, with loads of aches, pains and over-use injuries.

That’s what sitting behind a desk is like. We get so good at it that we create special over-compensations to hold that position in place. Those over-specialized adaptations make it hard for us to do different things, and they eventually lead to loads of aches, pains and over-use injuries.

Most people don’t realize that it’s their unbalanced lifestyle which is the problem. They think that they just have bad knees or weak wrists or a bad back or a painful neck. All of these things are typically compensations from over-specialized adaptations.

Now, instead of a desk, substitute your favourite exercise: bench press, stair climbers, or cycling. Each of these exercises creates a highly specific adaptation which, if you don’t compensate for it, leads to problems. In other words, even if you are fit, you are not necessarily balanced. And if you don’t have balanced fitness, you’re not healthy. If you’re not healthy, then whatever “fitness” exercise you’re doing is only going to eventually lead to injury and illness. That’s an undeniable fact, everyone! Training at FightClub balance students out physically, mentally and emotionally through centuries-old training methodology of Systema Russian Martial Art.

Martial arts, fitness and in fact our lives are as much art as science. Just enjoy the process of learning to balance. Don’t view yourself as trying to learn new skills, but rather as improving your talent at being you. If you don’t know how to get started to come and try a few classes at FC and feel for yourself the difference.

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