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Becoming an Ontario Archery Association (OAA) Member

May 28, 2019


Hey FC Archers,

Some of you have asked me about participating in archery tournaments and other archery events around Ontario. Great to hear the kids are pumped about doing more archery!

My best advice would be to become OAA members. You don’t need to become one – It just gives you easier access to everything archery in Ontario. You will be given an OAA number – something you need to competitions, rankings, and medals!

Here is the link …. https://www.oaa-archery.on.ca/component/enrolistration/membership


“Ontario Association of Archers Inc.(O.A.A.) is to develop, promote, expand and perpetuate participation in all forms of the sport of archery throughout the Province of Ontario. The role that the Ontario Association of Archers assumes strives to encourage the safe participations in all of the various types of archery activities. We initiate, implement and maintain methods for the development of all levels of participation, archery skills and facilities both for individuals and clubs. The Ontario Association of Archers acts as the sole representative body for the sport of archery in Ontario in all matters relating to all levels of Government and in all matters relating to national and international archery bodies. As an organization we establish a uniform set of rules and regulations governing the conduct of provincial championship events and the rounds used therein, and encourage the use of these rules and regulations at all other archery competitions sponsored by affiliated clubs.

In a nutshell the Ontario Association of Archers provides the building blocks, opportunities and facilities for any person to take part in archery and will help any member to the best of our abilities to achieve their dreams in this sport”

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401 Donlands Avenue, Toronto, Ontario, Canada : 416-200-0200

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