Benefits of Martial Arts – ‘New Year, New Me’


January can sure seem like a drag. Of course, you’ve made your New Year’s resolutions, and are diligently (or not so diligently…) sticking to them, but maybe you’re not applying the “new year, new me” mindset to all aspects of your life.

“This New Year may you rediscover yourself and emerge as a more confident and contented soul”

While it is important to have goals for your personal life, fitness, and family, it is also important to rededicate yourself in the new year. There is no better time to audit yourself and take steps to become your personal best this year. If you’re a student at FightClub already, all you need to do is show up – I’ve got a great year planned in 2020.

For those who have yet to come to try classes …I welcome you to come.

I can think of no better place to start ‘Your 2020’ then at FightClub. The training curriculum is designed to constantly have students reflect on their habits, set goals, give feedback and ask for feedback too. Use the training as a template that you mirror onto other parts of your life. Treat yourself to SYSTEMA training at FightClub – benefits of martial arts. I guarantee it will change your life!


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