Benefits of Martial Arts – Step Forward and Upward


Most people allow their fears to cause them to avoid risk, even though without risk not only is there no reward, there’s no joy! Joy (or happiness) is what fuels us and its absence – boredom – is what devour us.

Whatever we fear most, we need to do. The thing that scares the hell out of us is precisely what we should be doing. Unfortunately, we live in an anti-fear society where we are averse to experiencing anything uncomfortable.

But you don’t have to be like “most people”. If you’re serious about being successful, about leveraging your fear into excitement and fortune, then you’ll try Systema at FightClub. If already training at FightClub then you need to ‘push it’ – Push into the Systema Curriculum. It has so much to offer but you need to WORK! If not, perhaps you’re just not serious enough right now and are more content to remain comfortable.

As for me the benefits of martial arts – I’m routing for your better, purer, more adventurous and successful self to step forward and upward. Hope to and see for yourself first hand. New Members Welcome!

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