Benefits of Movement


There are many benefits as to why it’s important to keep moving throughout the day. Scientists have been showing that just adding a little bit of physical activity to your lifestyle can help reduce and/or prevent diseases such as Stroke, Diabetes Type 2, and even some Cancers. It can also help enhance mood, energy, cognitive function, and overall increase quality of life.

When you move throughout the day and add some physical exercise to your daily routine, it not only helps strengthen the muscles and joints but also helps improve organ function including your heart and lungs. Movement helps to increase blood circulation and oxygen throughout the body and therefore will help to increase immune function, decrease stress levels, improve sleep, and much more.

Don’t let the thought of physical exercise be daunting. It could be as simple as starting with a 20-minute walk after dinner, or a brisk morning walk to wake up your body. Although there are benefits to increasing your physical activity overall, you don’t need to go from zero to hero in 10 seconds.

Come by FightClub today and talk to us about how you can start to get moving in your life. All classes teach the importance of movement, breathing and of course self-defence.

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