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Better Prepared than the Challenges

June 4, 2019


Hey FC Crew,

Half of anything is just showing up; physically and mentally, though the latter is more difficult. When you arrive to train it helps if you follow the steps listed below. This way you get the most out of experience provided at FightClub.

1. With your social and personal issues, leave the drama at the door and turn off your smartphones. As those thoughts and feelings try to rush back in, shut the door on them, and take sanctuary in your practice session.

2. But bring your real problems to be worked out. Your daily practice is where things actually get done, one small repetition at a time. Look honestly at them and take wise steps every day no matter how small.

3. Be confident you will create positive change even if you can’t see it immediately. This faith stuff is hard. When you’re restarting from an injury, illness or falling off your practice, it can seem like it will take forever. But you’re one day closer. Just keep going.



4. But be humble: every action is seen. You can’t hide insufficient or excessive effort. You wear it and become it over time. Commit no self-harm out of omission or commission. Do the things that make you strong and healthy and don’t do the things that make you weak and sick.

5. Don’t overthink and overanalyze; don’t pretend you don’t have simple options you can use right now. Yes, it can be complicated. Don’t do those things. The complication is a waste. Do simple things one at a time, and they become complex.

6. But be thoughtful of the impact of your choices: you become the things you do – like you become the things you eat. Invest in high-quality form like you would high quality food. You become what you repeatedly do. One day you will realize that a while ago, you just showed up, and that was the mouth of the river that started everything flowing again.

These steps can transcend into other aspects of our lives, not limited to training, they help us live a more fulfilled life, to accomplish anything we set out to achieve and be better prepared than the challenges we may face.

Hope this helps,


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