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August 7, 2018


Hey FC Crew,

Having a punch is something we all have but, having a confident punch is something different. What do I mean?  Well, let us just say if ever needed to strike someone in a real situation your main goal would be to STOP them (Not ‘kind of’ stop them).

Here is a little clip from Saturdays class I just posted on Youtube …


Now, what about training? The reality is most of us will never get into a ‘real’ fight. We are good people and for the most part, nothing much ever happens. What are the goals of punches in Systema training at FightClub?

The goal of a strike is to apply a direction of force onto someone and have minimal force or ‘recoil’ coming back into you. Consider a strike as a movement, just like walking or running, albeit more calculated, at its core, it is still just a movement. A strike should not compromise your own movements and abilities. It should be performed in a relaxed manner. Tension will ultimately rob power and mobility. This is especially true for the shoulder and hip area. Think of a baseball pitcher throwing a ball or a golfer swinging a club. They are completely relaxed as they go through their movements. It is one true way to achieve maximum force. By remaining relaxed and you will also find that your reactions will be much quicker and power much greater.

Good placement of your strikes and proper body position and alignment is also critical to a good strike. Keep a good upright posture and look for forgiving spots on the body to strike. Learning to place your strikes on the body is just as important as generating power. Training in this fashion is important and will help avoid injury later on when more power and movement is added. With such a variety of strikes and movements available this aspect of training is quite in depth. In short, a strike should fit onto a person like a key goes into a keyhole.

The importance of taking and giving strikes is seen as vital in the development process. The belief is that it will create a false sense of safety and ultimately weaken you.

The goal of strikes while training is to ultimately build a good fighting spirit. It also helps students overcome the fear of contact and build trust with each other. In this fashion, you learn to train hard and help each other at the same time.


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