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Building Movement ‘Sense’ & Gathering more Information

August 8, 2019


Hey FC Crew,

Do you have “movement” sense? The awareness of how your body moves through space. Walking, running, falling or crawling are things that can be practiced at home. As you move bring a renewed sense of awareness to the movements that are involved. Make then efficient, smooth and precise. The benefits are countless!

Martial arts training classes to me is an information gather exercise – Information can bring clarity.  Talk with as many people as you can to hear their insights (it doesn’t mean you have to follow their advice – you are just gathering data to help you look at it from all sides). For example, if you choose Option A – this happens. If you choose Option B – that happens. The upside and this is the downside. Watching videos can be helpful – but I have aways found the best way is to talk with real people who have faced similar decisions. Real stories and experiences are powerful! So the next time I tell you to ‘walk and talk’ at FightClub make sure your asking questions, gathering information and listen to the insights. 


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