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FightClub Archery Range will be Re-Opening!

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Some good news!

The government has lifted some of its restrictions. As of Friday, May 22nd the FightClub Archery Range will be re-opened. The two classes on Friday are 5-6 pm for the Youth session and 6-7 pm for the Adult session.

We still have to exercise physical distancing, so only every second shooting lane will be open. (50% capacity rules) that means only 5 people can be downstairs at one time. (not 10-12 like last time). To accommodate I will need to add two more classes on Monday 5-6 pm for the Youth session and 6-7 pm for the Adult session.

I will need you to email me at em@fight-club.ca and let me know which day (Monday or Friday) and times you would like to attend. So I can manage the 50% capacity rules. I will do my best to get everyone at least one day of shooting/lesson.


To be honest, it’s been a tough couple of months, but I’ve managed a lot better than others and for that, I am feeling truly blessed.

I’ve made some improvements to the range, I’m sure you will be pleased. I’m pretty proud of how your club is looking these days!

As always, if you would like to discuss anything in regards to archery program; please feel free to contact me at your convenience: archery@fight-club.ca

See you soon,



Important FC Archery Program Update

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Hey FC Archers,

These are definitely unprecedented times that are upon us. Many of you have been asking me when the archery program can resume. The short and long answer is I do not know (I wish I did).

Never-the-less I have been working away making improvements to the archery range and working on archery learning and training videos.

Check them out … Ten Steps to Shooting.


I have a question for everyone …

Would you like to start live online archery lessons? 

If yes then I would need you to pick up your bows from FC plus I could give you all some exercise bands as well. I believe we could cover off a lot of archery form, theory, and technique without actually shooting the bow for about 6 weeks. By then, hopefully restrictions will be lifted and we can continue training at the range.

Please respond to me before May 15th.

Thank you,



Corona Virus (Covid-19) Targets

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Hey FC Archers,

I just wanted to touch base with everyone … I have not forgotten about you!

Our situation with the ‘Corona Virus’ has not changed yet but hopefully sometime in the near future. Till then be safe and keep your distance. I really miss seeing you learning, shooting, and fun times in our little archery range in the city.

PS – When we return we’ll be shooting Corona Virus Targets! 🙂



Three Keys to Great Recurve Archery Technique

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This is important from when you first learn archery. If you don’t learn good body angle with stance correctly it’s difficult to have consistent distance groups. Practise the correct body angle!


The fingers on the string are one of two points of contact between the archer and the bow. An accurate hook will make for a precise release and it will ensure stable finger positioning. The keyed is to removing tension and making sure the wrist is not bent. Make sure your finger tab fits your hand correctly, too.


As a beginner, before shooting, you should practise training your release first. Practise the feeling, direction and distance of your releasing fingers, he says – as this first method you learn will remain a habit for a long time.

Hope this helps and see you tomorrow.



How to Practice and Why?

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You need to make each of your practice sessions a success for yourself by focusing on each and every shoot.

Each shoot “teaches you something”. This mentality is so important to develop when coming to archery practice. Don’t just come and shoot arrows at targets.

Study the Archery Shot Cycle is a good starting point in becoming a proficient and skilled archer.

BUT Knowing the basic archery steps (10 in total) is not enough!  After you have learned the individual steps you need to put it all together into a shot sequence. This is your key to success.

Learn how to turn the basic archery steps into a winning sequence for YOU.



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