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1st Place in the IFAA Provincial Archery Championships 

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Archery is one of those activities that requires a little instruction followed by a lot of practice. An instructor can break things down into parts,but  the student must play with the parts and put them back together. This process promotes self mastery.

“Good Habits Lead to Self Mastery”

This self—mastery usually does not happen automatically, but it can be learned by almost any student with Correct study Habits and a good study environment.

There are so many benefits that await most students both young and old who learn to self—teach and then apply this skill to their work, school and life.

1st Place in the IFAA Provincial Archery Championships 


Commitment to Passion leads to Success!

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Commitment is within every successful person – you’ll find it in every single one of them. With businessmen and women, they’re committed to becoming the strongest in their field. With sports players, they’re committed to training every day and being able to play the sport professionally. With writers, they’re committed to writing even when the tough days come around. As soon as the commitment had been made, the passion became more than just a hobby for these people and they promised themselves success.

If you want to improve your archery shooting this year , take this simple first step and commit to your training on Monday’s and Friday’s. Practice a little at home with the bands or watch the many good Olympian Archers (on Youtube) and you’ll have the motivation to get through the tricky days (and weeks, months, and years)!


Relearn What You Know and Gain a New Perspective

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Another year or archery, Yahoo!!!

In January I like to ‘relearn’ all the things I learned throughout the year and see if I can discover things in a new way or perspective.

Archery can teach you a lot much about yourself but you got to get your head in the game. This mentality is so important to develop when come to archery practice. Don’t just come and shoot arrows at targets. 

Study the Archery Shot Cycle is a good starting point to becoming a proficient and skilled archer.

BUT Knowing the basic archery steps (10 in total) is not enough!

After you have learned the individual steps you need to put it all together into a shot sequence. This is your key to success.

Learn how to turn the basic archery steps into a winning sequence for YOU.  See everyone from practice at this Friday!

PS – If you have friends that you feel could benefit from the archery lessons and training please forward this email to them. They can contact me via email at archery@fight-club.ca


The Archery Program is Growing

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Happy New Year Archers!

The Archery Program is growing yet again with an additional class added to the schedule in 2020.

Monday’s from 6:30-8 pm will be dedicated to ‘Match’ or Tournament Archery. This will compliment the Friday Archery ‘Lessons’ from 5-6 & 6-7 pm and allow everyone to track their progress more effectively.

* January – July memberships are $400 for both days (Monday & Friday) or $300 for just the Friday (same as last year) *

The first archery class of the year will be on January 10th. Please bring either cash, cheque or you can even e-transfer the membership fees.

See you all soon for another year of Archery at FC!



World Best Archers and Coaches

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Hey FC Archers,

Here is a video of an intermediate archer receive advice from some of the world’s best archers and coaches. In this video, Ryu Su Jeong looks at recurve archer Dylan Fischer’s technique. So much good information … Have a watch.

More archery at www.worldarchery.org and www.archery.tv

Archery lessons and classes re-start Friday, January 10th


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