Youth Martial Arts Training – Dedication

All dedicated athletes get inspired, but not all athletes dedicated. Being dedicated is “staying the course” amid the storms of uncertainty. It’s not about disciple or motivation. Some people are inspired for a few minutes or days, motivated for a few days or months, yet dedicated for a lifetime. Dedication is the devotion to a certain way, the lifestyle, in order to make the most out of oneself. I know (and expect) that kids will struggle with dedication, but when they do please remind them of its importance.

To me, being dedicated is that spiritual space that embraces failures, fatigue, setbacks, mistakes, frustrations, suffering, sacrifice on the journey of being the best you can be!

Youth Martial Arts training can provide a lifetime of dedication. I hope that with every class your kids attend at FightClub they learn to find their own dedication.


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Archery Lessons – Anchoring


Anchoring. No, we aren’t talking about docking a boat. We’re referring to the position your draw hand takes as you pull back a bowstring. Each person’s chosen anchor point must rest on their face in the same spot, shot after shot.

Anchoring occurs right after you pull the bowstring to full draw. Think about aligning your arm and shoulder muscles to hold it solidly in place. Anchor your hand, the one you’re pulling with, on your face in a spot that feels comfortable and repeatable, this is usually along the jaw-line. Archery lessons will help you find consistency, and anchoring is vital for achieving it.

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Change Accordingly – Martial Arts Training


The importance of flexibility and adaptation to change can’t be overemphasized. Truly great champions are aware of this whole heartedly which suggests not holding to a fixed plan, but rather changing according to the unfolding of events. Teach students how to adapt and adapt quickly is a big part of what I’ve been teaching at FightClub for almost 20 years now. Adaptation is learned and grasped when you are given the opportunity to react to changing situations in training, and in all kinds of day-to-day situations.

COVID-19 is not a problem to me, but rather a puzzle. It didn’t stop my life or put it on hold, I just continued right along with what I’ve always done in life – adapted and evolved.  Something that is a foundation principle in SYTEMA.

It is impossible to anticipate all eventualities. The best way to plan for something unpredictable is to not be ‘afraid to adapt’. Is that what you are doing? Or are you waiting or someone else to tell you what to do? I cannot answer those questions for all of you, just something to reflect on I guess. What I can tell you, is its something I will be focusing on over the next few months.

“Illusion is a part of fear. You need to learn how to see through it”

The only certainty is the uncertainty of life. Change will occur, and your Systema Martial Arts Training will be right there to give you the courage and strength to move forward.

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Children’s Martial Arts Lessons


“We must learn to not listen to the malignant sounds of negativity”

This noise can come from others in our lives as well as from the inner voice developed from society’s messages. Such self-talk deeply influences self-esteem and the way we perceive or see ourselves – that is, self-image. I have learned this from champions; No matter how good you feel about yourself, the malignant sounds will penetrate your nervous system and dictate the road you travel, Unless they are short-circuited by strong, positive opposing messages.

I know this and take specific steps in each children’s martial arts lessons I teach to stay on track when negative self-talk and images make their entry into the minds and hearts of the kids that train at FightClub. I do this by not forcing the negative self-talk and images away, but by substituting upbeat words and phrases that support each student.

“You should exercise unrelenting discipline over your thought patterns. Cultivate only productive attitudes … You are a product of everything you put in your body and mind”

I’ve always tried to communicate to the kids that ‘Thoughts are Things’. During these negative times, it’s even more important that parents and teachers alike build strong self-talk ad imagery with every interaction.

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Archery Classes


The way archers position themselves to shoot an arrow is known as their technique- and not all archers use the same technique. But there are common techniques that archers need to know to give themselves a good foundation so they can progress.


In this week’s archery classes will be studying a good ‘Grip and Hook’. 




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