Building Habits that Help

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Hey FC Crew,

We seem to understand building habits in other settings so much better than we understand how to change habits in ourselves.  There are a couple of analogies I use all the time when it comes to building and changing habits.

I’ll talk about taking a snowboarding or skiing lesson.  Living in Canada, most people seem to understand at least what those look like.  I’ll ask students if at their first ski lesson they were handed skis and taken to the top of the mountain, and pushed down a run with trees, moguls, cliffs and rocks?  Of course, they weren’t.  In fact, for the first 10 minutes, they spend just standing on flat ground, and probably fell over a couple of times when they were just STANDING there.

In your first driving lesson, the instructor probably didn’t take you out into rush-hour traffic.  You probably spent it in an empty parking lot, country road, or residential neighbourhood with no other cars around.  And even then, you probably spent the first 10 minutes just sitting in the car without moving.

When you were learning to play piano, the teacher didn’t pull out sheet music for Mozart and demand that you play to at the correct tempo.  You probably sat at the keys and learned their names, and learned how to just use 3 fingers to play “Mary had a little lamb”, and even then you probably made mistakes.

These are the settings we learn other skills in.  As our skills improve, the setting becomes more challenging.  We go to more challenging runs on the ski hill, into more traffic at higher speeds in the car, and play more elaborate songs on the piano.

But in martial arts we often get taught that if we aren’t practicing at ‘real’ speed then we are wasting our time. That is false. Build the habit to go slower but with lots of detail!

Slow and Control becomes, Fast and Steady. As you get comfortable you will naturally speed up. A good marker to look for is ‘openness’. When you speed up your body, mind and spirit should feel open and free.

Form a new habit and just slow down for 30 days and see if it opens news doors into your Systema training.

Something to think about …



Fight PodCast – What is the Difference between Moving and Pushing Someone?

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The body is in constant movement, even when you believe it to be still. Blood is moving and organs functioning, slowly shifting the body. The world is also in constant movement, even though one could swear it’s standing still. Training focuses on understanding movements versus techniques. The ability to move your body in an efficient and safe manner is of extreme value. Everyone has a unique form of movement, as unique as their own written signature. Training, therefore, begins with an array of drills and exercises geared towards a student coming to terms with their own movements and understanding others.

In this episode of FightPod listen to Emmanuel talking about the difference between moving and pushing someone …

Listen to FightPod “What is the Difference between Moving and Pushing Someone?”




To handle Frustration – Get back to the Basics

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Hey FC Crew,

Been ‘going deep’ with the classes lately and this will frustrate you without a doubt. But without this you will not grow or see your true potential. Just be patient and keep practicing.

Patience is very important when you are learning any martial arts. There will be days when you’re going to be terrible, and other days when you are going to be great. This is a normal process because your body and your mind are both adapting to the changes. Don’t let any of this get in your way and you will achieve excellent results. In life and in your Systema training.

Just remember that if your feeling frustrated, make a real effort to focus on the basics during those times. This has helped me out tons and I would see an improvement almost immediately after doing this. Make your practice consistent and daily if possible – this will also help a lot.

So what does back to the basics mean?

Good breathing, posture, and body movements.  Have fun and be creative. Just slow things down and enjoying the process of learning.



Learn to Feel the Pressure – Fight PodCast

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Where are the sources of pressure on you? Is it possible to measure the pressure put on you or that you put on others? Listen to Emmanuel talking about this interesting topic in this week’s episode of Fight Podcast.


Listen to Pressure Fight Podcast

“About two years ago I started to rediscover my skills (in a new way). Feeling pressure and training from this perspective as opened new doors into a deep understanding of Systema”

~ emmanuel manolakakis




Health and Performance Summit

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Hey FC Crew! Check this out. I am a guest on an upcoming summit…

RunWell Summit for Runners Health and Performance: Are you suffering from Burnout? Nov 6-7, 2019.  Head over to Click on the Summit heading to sign up for Free!

Attention Men – The month of November is dedicated to your Health!



You know there are so many benefits to Systema training. I’m sure you have even mentioned it to your stressed and overworked friends, but still they have not come to try classes … Why? Time to be a good friend and get them to see things from a better perspective.

All they need to do is grow a moustache or beard and get free training for the month of November. Forward them this email and let’s see if we can ‘Save a Bro!’

The benefits of Systema Training at FC so amazing! Ideal for any fitness or health levels, so why not bring a friend? Think about the Movember Canada slogan … “Grow a Mo, Save a Bro!”

“Let show everyone what an EVERLASTING IMPACT Systema training can have on men’s health”

FightClub Christmas Party will be on Friday, December 6th at The Wally. Put the date in your calendars.