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Hey FC Crew,

I hope you’ve enjoyed the live online training, available Monday to Friday. The live training sessions have focused on the importance of breathing, moving, being active, and at the same time developing an internal and external understanding of Systema – Russian Martial Art. As I’ve always said, “don’t work out, rather work on yourself.” This the key difference of Systema physical training from other forms for exercise.

For the month of June, I will be removing the two evening live training sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays (from 7-8 pm). It seems that working from home has been taking a toll on many of you. I believe I heard someone using the term ‘Zoom” fatigue, referring to all the time people are spending in live online meetings for work these days. Here is what the new schedule of Live Online Classes looks likes …

Adult Training Classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 12 -12:50 pm

Youth Classes on Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 1-1:30 pm

Mental Training Classes on Tuesday/Thursday from 12-1 pm

If you’re interested in participating please email me at 

I encourage you all to make sure you spend more time outside training in your backyards, parks, and open spaces. I will be recording all FightClub Live Daytime Online Sessions (12-1 pm) and posting them so you can watch them at your convenience during the evening. Please make every effort to keep current with things at FC so when we eventually go back to training we can hit the ground running. Also, It does seem highly likely that we will be able to train outdoors in the near future.  If that is the case we should be ready to take full advantage of that …

How many of you would be interested in outdoor classes? 

Something like 7-8 pm a few times a week …Tuesdays & Thursdays?

* Let me know your thoughts before this Friday, June 8th *



The cost structure for the Live Online Classes is still the same and outlined below. I hope everyone can appreciate the time and energy I have put forth to make all this happen. The time spent organizing great teachers and developing great content in the live online forum has proven to be much more work than teaching regular classes. If you have been financially affected by the pandemic, just pay what you can (I understand), otherwise follow the guide below.

New Students can try one week Free Classes

Per class Training sessions – $10 a session

Mental Training sessions – $50 for the month (8 sessions a month)

Youth Training sessions – $100 for the month (12 sessions a month)

Adult Training sessions  – $100 for the month (20 sessions a month)

* Classes are recorded and posted to YouTube to view for free
* You can either e-transfer or PayPal the funds to me using my email address 



Speed in Systema & Recorded Live Training Classes are Available

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Developing Speed in Systema – A Manny Minute

Emmanuel shares some of his favorite ways of developing ‘true’ speed. Speed that comes for a good source, not from panic or fear. Have a watch, comment, and share …

Systema Speed – A Manny Minute



Can’t make the Live Online Training?

No Problem! Classes are also recorded and uploaded so you can training whenever you have time. Trust me these classes are chalked full of good information, we’re not just moving and breathing.

Check it out …

Live Online Training Class June 1,  2020



What are people saying about Live Online Training sessions?

“Hi Emmanuel,

Just catching up with classes after a busy week. Watched and “participated” in your May 21 class (last Thursday) just now – look around, then eyes closed; pull out the knife, smooth and relaxed within body frame, and put back in the same relaxed way.

I found the class so helpful. As I looked around the room, and pulled out my knife at various objects, my interior (as I got to know it thanks to the previous exercises, eyes open, eyes closed) kept on telling me: “It’s not a threat. Put the knife back gently.” I found myself eventually pulling out the knife at various objects representing special people and memories: pictures of loved ones, religious items, other items associated with close and deep memories. Each time, I quickly realized, there is no reason to pull the knife out, and I put it back gently. But I needed the experience. I was almost brought to tears. A very unusual feeling.

Thank you so very much. These classes are enormously helpful. God bless you!”



The Authentic Self & Relative Change – Fight PodCast

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Listen to Emmanuel talking about training to connect with your authentic self and how change is relative to everything it’s connected too. So if I’m an architect designing a building and I change the dimensions of a wall. Everything else around this must also change because they are all connected to the same structure. In much the same way all our lives have changed.  We must accept the change is connected to the whole structure, in other words, we must change completely (not just in parts).


Listen to Fight PodCast – Authentic Self & Relative Change


“Our job in this lifetime is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be, but to find out who we already are and become it”



Training Together Pays Dividends Beyond Exercising

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Training with a group makes people feel physically and mentally better than working out alone. Researchers have studied this fact for decades and have found working out in a group lowers stress by 25-35 percent and significantly improved quality of life.

Although those who exercise individually put in more effort, they experienced no significant changes in their stress or perceived physical fitness levels.

“The communal benefits of coming together with friends and colleagues, and doing something difficult, while encouraging one another, pays dividends beyond exercising alone”

Make Live Online FC Classes part of your training regiment. Send an email to for more information. Check out one of our recorded classes to see what it’s all about …


Live Online FightClub Training




Ever wanted to learn how to shoot a bow? Now is a great time to learn!

Here is a video series I filmed about the 10 Steps to Shooting a Bow that explains what it takes!

10 Steps to Shooting a Bow

“In archery we have something like the way of the superior man. When the archer misses the centre of the target, he turns round and seeks for the cause of his failure in himself”

Send an email to to get more details or ask any questions. Archery can teach you so much about yourself. Come and try it out!



Manny’s Mental Training Top Tips

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Hey FC Crew,

Been teaching Live Online Mental Training classes for about a month now. Accomplishing some great results. I’ve compiled my favorite mental training practices in a short video for everyone. Check it out!

Manny’s Mental Training Top Tips 

If you would like to participate in the regular weekly mental training classes just email me at and I will send you the information. 



Watch Emmanuel teach and instruct students how to work with their eyes closed and how to get comfortable with a knife. 

Live Online Training Class from Thursday (Recorded)




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