Tactical Stretching & Working with Speed Seminar

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“Working with Speed” 

FightClub Seminar this

Saturday, March 14th from 1-4 pm  






Tactical Stretching – Systema Training Tips 

Listen to Emmanuel explain and demonstrate some of the ways he trains to understand tactical stretching. We are not as strong or as stable when we are stretched out. Understanding this concept needs to be felt first on yourself and then applied to your training partners. Spreading someone out so they are weaker and more unstable gives you a tactical advantage.


Have you ever consider your training partners?

In a society that rewards looking after yourself, before anyone else, the thought of considering the other person first is difficult. This is where the true mastery of the ‘System’ lies. Being connected to people in a positive and powerful way, gives your life purpose and meaning. The next time, you’re training at the gym with your partner, help show them their weaknesses.

A lot of what makes Systema so unique is the creative opportunity that is afforded to us during class time. Use it wisely. This is where your purpose comes in. Ask yourself – what are you trying to accomplish from the training?

How many times have you trained and really only satisfied your ego. This is the most fruitless thing you can do. By considering your partner, you immediately become more aware of everything you do as well. This means your learning!! Your partner will also feel that your intention is not a competitive one and will start to look at the things they are doing more closely. That means that their learning!!! The atmosphere that is created as a result becomes a more positive one.

There are many benefits to martial arts. One of which is in the true spirit of martial arts – consider your self the ‘architect’ of your own greatness. Build something wonderful, but stay connect by helping others as well for it will give you much more than you can ever imagine.


Working with Speed Seminar Coming Up!

Category : FC Club News


“Working with Speed” 

FightClub Seminar next Saturday, March 14th from 1-4 pm  



A Manny Minute – Unpredictable & Fast Knife 

Listen to Emmanuel explain and demonstrate some of the ways he trains unpredictable & fast knife attacks. Don’t forget to like, share and comment on it.



Working with Weight Seminar Review Part 3 

Weight as a Teaching Tool

What I also liked about this work was that the concept of ‘weight’ synthesizes a constellation of related ideas, all of which could be a seminar in their own right. We have already talked about how using weight forces students to be more sensitive to timing their partner, but weight also addresses several other concepts, including:

  • Balance: Disrupt someone’s balance with weight and you disrupt their ability to apply their strength. Like a truck taking a turn too fast, there are windows of opportunity where your partner is ‘on the edge’ and only requires a light touch to be tipped over.
  • Muscle linkage: The individual who steers forces through the skeleton so that big muscles handle big loads and small muscles handle small loads will optimally distribute muscular tone and will result in lower perceived effort. Finding this optimal muscle chain allows you to apply weight to a partner without overburdening any one part of your body (i.e., tension).
  • Joint centre of mass: When two people grab on to each other, they form a single ‘body’, and therefore if one person moves their weight with commitment, they can transfer forces into the other person through the grab simply by relaxing their bodyweight into a specific direction.

These are all closely interrelated concepts; you cannot really work with one without describing the others. Emmanuel’s choice to frame the seminar in terms of weight provides a wonderful and easy to remember idea for working on all of them: feel your weight going into your partner. This heuristic strategy helps students bypass the conceptual complexity of what to do with their arms and legs, and instead helps them focus on recreating the experience of moving weight, regardless of the exact situation they encounter. This approach has the potential to address relaxation, timing, sensitivity, distribution of effort across multiple muscles, and off-balancing altogether under the umbrella of a single concept. For this reason I thought it was not only an excellent seminar to attend as a participant, but also for teachers looking at different ways to convey the ideas inside Systema.

The Next Frontier: Weight and Speed

I think all the participants got a lot out of the seminar, but I am particularly interested in how working with weight will with Emmanuel’s perspective in his next seminar, “Working with Speed”, which is coming up on March 14th. While the two can be complementary, working with weight also implies a sort of heaviness and inertia which is hard to change once the movement begins, and this seems to be a bit of a contrast to working with speed. I’m sure we’ll all get a lot out of seeing how these two ideas come together. ~ Mark Fan


Do you ever get tired of yourself?

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Massage a vital part of your training. Make sure you get it in there! Listen to Emmanuel explain how to incorporate it into your regular training practice.

The Value of Massage – Systema Training Tip





Do you ever get tired of yourself?

I have been asking this question to students for years and I would say 99% would say YES. On face value that would seem odd especially when you consider most of my students are successful professionals. The fact of the matter is that life is rather mundane and boring, regardless of the job, profession or career you have. We spend so much time repeating what we do at work and home over and over that it’s driving us crazy. There is very little creativity or exploration into anything – We as humans are brutally efficient, mundane and routine-oriented.

Training at FightClub is different class to class and week to week. I break these barriers and have students explore themselves, situations, interactions and conflicts.

Punching, kicking, wrestling, bodyguarding, weapons or any combinations of these are used to explore the human condition and then through creativity finding solutions.

How can you compare this with going to a gym? Or attending a fitness class?

The work we do is on ourselves mostly, this way we avoid getting tired of who we are, push our understandings to continue developing our body, minds and spirits.

Let me ask the question again…. Do you ever get tired of yourself?

If you feel life is getting to be a little (or a lot) like the movie ‘Ground Hog Day’ – Your not alone! The solution is simple – Come by FightClub for some Systema training and you will see the huge benefits first hand.

The training methods used go beyond any other training methods out there. Simply come and try a few class and you will understand what I mean. Stop thinking about changing your life and start doing something about it.


New Members are Welcome!


Channeling Relaxation & Seminar Review – Part 2 

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Channeling Relaxation – Systema Training Tip

Listen to Emmanuel explain how to utilize your relaxation more effectively by channeling to the areas that can help you best. Four simple ways to practice this and open up new perspectives and mindsets.




Working with Weight Seminar Review – Part 2 

~ by Mark Fan

The Psychological Effect of Working with Weight

Working with weight highlighted some interesting psychological effects.

For example, one student remarked to me after the seminar that working with weight allowed him to remain more calm. Work with muscular effort can lead to rushing; as soon as you see a way to work against your partner, you can try to force your ideas into reality with your muscles. However, work with weight depends on the rhythm and feel of your partner, and you therefore need to wait for the right opening; like a jazz musician who needs to time their entry into the song with the rest of the band. For some students, this may change the anxiety of deciding “what” to do, to a more patient and relaxed wait for “when” to do.

Emmanuel also showed me how I would often allow some of my partner’s weight to ‘fall’ onto me before I then pushed the weight back to my partner. It was as if I used my body as a glove to catch a partner advancing towards me and store the weight like a spring before giving it back. This approach can work sometimes, but he showed me the value of putting my weight on my partner immediately, rather than trying to catch it first. Putting weight on my partner in this fashion was different than my usual way of working, and more efficient. I felt like I was giving a serious no-nonsense message: “No, I’m not giving you an inch”. It also provided a sense of personal confidence. This gave me an interesting frame of reference for not being accommodating when I want to take a decisive and deliberate stand in other areas of my life.

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week …


Systema Training Tip & Family Day PodCast

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If defending, remember it is not the weapon that works against you but the person. All by itself, the weapon will just lay there. Do not be preoccupied with the method of attack or weapon. The body’s survival skills kick in and clear the direction or line of attack spontaneously. When you consider the speed of most weapon attackers there is not much time to think things through.

Systema Training Tip – Get comfortable with the Knife



At the end of your life, you will never look back and say I wish I worked more, rather you will wish you spent more time with your family. Listen to Emmanuel talking about Systema and Family Day.

Listen to Fight PodCast – Systema and Family Day Episode


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