Children’s Martial Arts “Learning is not a Team Sport”

I’ve been teaching in one way, shape or form for over 25 years now. I can honestly say that the student who masters a subject on his own learns more, than ones you constantly help. When I’m teaching Children’s martial arts I try my best to give them time to practice with there partners. The demonstrations or examples I give are referenced as ‘ideas’ or ‘concepts’. I’m constantly talking about them being creative.  Real-world problems need creative solutions. There is a part of us all that really likes set techniques, hard rules and facts, but teaching from these places has a ceiling. I try to remove any ceilings when I teach. I believe all children should reach for the stars.

“Learning is not a team sport”

Learning is an activity that involves solely the student and ‘the knowledge’. Everything or everyone else that may become involved in this process is essentially superfluous—and is potentially harmful as a distraction from the fundamental process.


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