Children’s Martial Arts Lessons


“We must learn to not listen to the malignant sounds of negativity”

This noise can come from others in our lives as well as from the inner voice developed from society’s messages. Such self-talk deeply influences self-esteem and the way we perceive or see ourselves – that is, self-image. I have learned this from champions; No matter how good you feel about yourself, the malignant sounds will penetrate your nervous system and dictate the road you travel, Unless they are short-circuited by strong, positive opposing messages.

I know this and take specific steps in each children’s martial arts lessons I teach to stay on track when negative self-talk and images make their entry into the minds and hearts of the kids that train at FightClub. I do this by not forcing the negative self-talk and images away, but by substituting upbeat words and phrases that support each student.

“You should exercise unrelenting discipline over your thought patterns. Cultivate only productive attitudes … You are a product of everything you put in your body and mind”

I’ve always tried to communicate to the kids that ‘Thoughts are Things’. During these negative times, it’s even more important that parents and teachers alike build strong self-talk ad imagery with every interaction.

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