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Creative Training During COVID

May 3, 2020


Systema for Life Podcast 

Creative Training During COVID with Emmanuel Manolakakis

Listen to SFL Podcast Episode 104 – Creative Training during COVID

This week, in the midst of the global COVID-19 shutdown, we talk with  Senior Systema Instructor, Founder of FightClub Toronto, and all-round  great bloke Emmanuel Manolakakis.  An uplifting conversation that  vacillates between honest, tough-love advice and finding diamonds of  positivity in the undeniable rough.

Along the way, we discuss:

  • differing emotional responses to the reality of the pandemic
  • why the emphasis of your training must (and should) change right now
  • the benefits of enforced creativity and motivation
  • concrete advice for students and Instructors during the weeks and months ahead
  • online and physical resources for solo training

Stay safe, strong and healthy, my friends.

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